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Abomasnow is the primary Snow Warning user on dedicated hail teams due to its vital Grass typing allowing it to deal with Water-types which are often troublesome to hail builds. Abomasnow is no slouch offensively either, as it can easily soften teams up with Swords Dance for the rest of the hail core to sweep comfortably. Running Abomasnow allows the powerful hail core of Arctovish and Sandslash Alola, which are fearsome wallbreakers in their own right. However, Abomasnow's weak defensive typing, giving it eleven weaknesses, makes it easy to scare out and lose its boosts. Because it must be preserved to some extent for hail to continue, it can put pressure on other teammates if Pokemon like Bewear, Entei and Lucario switch into Abomasnow, particularly considering the multiple Ice-types in any hail team. Furthermore, its inability to run Heavy-Duty Boots makes it vulnerable to entry hazards, making its niche of beating Water-types harder to do effectively.

name: Hail Setter
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Wood Hammer
move 3: Ice Shard
move 4: Earthquake
item: Icy Rock
ability: Snow Warning
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


STAB Ice Shard makes Abomasnow useful even against more offensive teams. Earthquake hits Steel-types like Registeel and Lucario, preventing them from coming in for free.

Abomasnow is always paired with Slush Rush users, namely Arctovish and Alolan Sandslash, allowing them to become offensive threats in their own right. Aurorus can be run on hail hyper offense as a suicide lead, making it a good complement to the main hail core. Alternatively, hazard setters like Metagross and Klefki can work as well. Pokemon that deal with Steel- and Fighting-types are a necessity on hail teams, so Flygon, Xatu, Crobat, and Starmie can fulfill this role while compressing a hazard remover on the team. Finally, other Pokemon like Toxicroak and Doublade synergize well with hail, dealing with threats like Golisopod and Bewear respectively.

Other Options

A mixed set with Blizzard / Giga Drain / Ice Shard / Earthquake makes it even more consistent at switching into Scald, although the lack of Swords Dance makes it significantly less effective as a wallbreaker. Abomasnow has access to a few utility options such as Leech Seed and Aurora Veil, which can help it consistently answer Water-types without fearing burns and support its team's setup sweepers, but it usually doesn't have the space for them and makes Abomasnow more passive.

Checks and Counters

**Fighting-types**: Bewear and Heracross can take any of Abomasnow's attacks unless very weakened and immediately threaten the rest of the team. Lucario can switch into Abomasnow's STABS and scare it out, though it must be wary of Earthquake. Others like Pangoro and Toxicroak can check it in a pinch.

**Steel-types**: Bronzong and Magnet Rise Klefki completely wall Abomasnow and can use it as an opportunity to set up hazards, which hail teams particularly dislike. Other Steel-types fear Earthquake, but can KO Abomasnow if they come in on its STABs.

**Fire-types**: Fire-types like Chandelure and Entei, though not particularly common, pose a threat to hail teams and can scare out Abomasnow.

**Stealth Rock**: Abomasnow cannot afford to run Heavy-Duty Boots, so Stealth Rock makes its life much harder.

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